Rough Fire Agate from both Deer Creek and Slaughter Mountain is available in finite quantities, details below.

In our digital photos we at Fire Agate Art Studio try to display Fire Agate as naturally as possible. Fire Agate does however, have a tendancy to appear different in photos than in real life. Many other stones of various sizes, quality, and cutting stages (jewellery, cut and rough) are available. Please contact us if you would like to see what is available.

Our prices for small, customized parcels of fire agate rough start at:
$50.00USD/lb for Deer Creek, Az.
$80.00USD/lb. for Slaughter Mountain, Az.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated in the process of selling, shipping and satisfying customers.

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  Fire Agate Rough from Slaughter Mountain  

Fire Agate Rough from Slaughter Mountain

Temporarily not available in bulk.

For a limited time we can offer parcels of proven rough, made individually for each order. The pieces are trimmed from rock and chalcedony to expose fire potential. They are not traditional windowed stones. Small areas have been ground to show quality of color and size of the potential cut stone.

Parcels are made to order based on the quality and size of stones and budget.


  Deer Creek Fire Agate Rough  

Fire Agate Rough from Deer Creek

$50.00 USD / pound

Smaller packages are possible upon request.
prices vary according to grade and quantity)

Our Fire Agate rough from Deer Creek has been collected and mined from over 15 years ago to the present. Our rough has only recently been placed on the market, so all the best stones are sitting in the buckets waiting to be cut! Supplies of this high grade rough are limited in quantity, so please email us if you are interested in making a purchase. We can make orders by the pound, or by the bucket.


ROUGH    //    WINDOWS    //    SINGLES:    1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6    //    JEWELRY    //    SOLD:    1  |  2  |  3    next